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I am writing about the editorial about breast cancer [“Early detection key in breast cancer,” Dec. 14, The Calvert Recorder].

In January of 1988, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy. I had no signs or symptoms. It was discovered during my first mammogram at 46 years old. My doctor recommended six months of chemotherapy.

I felt three nudges from God to get a mammogram. I put it off for three months. My doctors, God’s nudges and chemotherapy saved my life. I took the initiative to get a mammogram. The doctor asked, “How did you discover the cancer?” I said I knew I should get the mammogram.

There are places that help with the costs and insurance for mammograms. Get a mammogram even if you have no signs or symptoms. It could save your life.

Susanne P. Wheeley, Lusby