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As I read the Dec. 26 edition of The Enterprise, which contained an article, “Suggested names for new school to be winnowed,” indicating our school board has already approved several iterations of design for the new elementary school planned for the Hayden Farm, and a letter to the editor, “Schools in St. Mary’s need to increase safety at entrance points,” recommending the need to integrate security measures into school design, two critical questions came to mind:

• Was the public ever asked to participate and provide comments during each design review? And, if not, why not?

• Were either the local sheriff or state police offices asked to participate and provide comments/recommendations during each of the design reviews? And, if not, why not?

Given the events during the past several years regarding school safety, it seems only prudent as well as economical to design in rather than try to retrofit security measures into our new elementary school. The time is right. Even if it means the delay of several weeks or even a month or two, our school board needs to initiate steps to bring the public and our local security personnel into the design process now. And, if that bureaucracy chooses not to do so, then I certainly hope the county commissioners who control their purse strings do. Let’s not miss the opportunity to do it correctly the first time.

John E. Brown, Leonardtown