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We wanted to personally thank the staff of St. Charles Animal Hospital for their warmth and kindness when we had to put our beloved cat, Calli, down unexpectedly on Christmas Eve.

We had brought her in thinking it was just a check-up to figure out why she had stopped eating over the past couple of days, only to find out she had a very large tumor in her stomach.

The prognosis was not good and we made the very difficult decision to have her put down at that time. The decision to put our pets down — and the sadness that ensues — is always hard, but everyone at St. Charles Animal Hospital did such an amazing job.

The genuine caring and warmth shown by each and every person of that staff was overwhelming and greatly needed and appreciated by us.

To know that the doctor (Dr. Siskovich) and technicians took this just as hard as we did let us know that our Calli was given the best treatment and left this world with people who truly cared about her. Their thoughtful actions during the whole procedure did more for us than words can say.

As a final touch, they also sent flowers to our house on Calli’s behalf, which we also greatly appreciated.

Chelsey Hibbard and family, Waldorf