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The Calvert Marine Museum kicks off its 2013 PEM Talk series: Sustainable Chesapeake at 7 p.m. Thursdays beginning Jan. 17.

There are many local success stories where people are responding to the environment in ways that are making a difference. This series invites the public to learn about the success stories, and become an active part of the solution, according to a museum news release.

All talks take place in the museum auditorium at 14200 Solomons Island Road S. in Solomons.

Jan. 17, Rich Takas will talk about Living Shorelines.

The Chesapeake region is coping with rising seas and sinking lands, creating challenges for waterfront homeowners. Takacs, who oversees habitat restoration activities for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Restoration Center for the Mid-Atlantic area, focuses his efforts on implementing living shoreline and large-scale oyster restoration projects.

On Feb. 7, Henry Miller presents a historical perspective with “An Overview of Human Use of the Chesapeake through History.” Described by Captain John Smith as “An Abundant and Fruitful Land,” the Chesapeake region is now facing serious environmental degradation.

Using archaeology and history, Miller traces the impacts of human land use since colonial days, providing an important and fascinating historical perspective.

Miller is director of research programs at Historic St. Mary’s City.

On Feb. 21 Jonathan McKnight presents “Invasive Species in the Chesapeake.” McKnight, director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Maryland Natural Heritage Program, will talk about the advent of invasive species in the Chesapeake Bay, the effect that they can have on native ecosystems, and the efforts being taken to prevent, control, or eradicate them.

On March 21, Greg Bowen presents “Buy Local: The Sustainable Food Movement.” Greg Bowen, director of Land Stewardship Solutions, will share the surprising progress and challenges in the local food movement in Southern Maryland.

Representatives from local growers and markets will be on hand offering samples and information about where to locally sourced food. Bowen helped create the Calvert County Sustainable Agriculture Awards, has supported numerous agricultural workshops, and was instrumental in forming Calvert Eats Local. Come and meet local growers at 6:30.

On April 18, Ken Paynter presents Restoring Oysters to the Chesapeake. Paynter is the director of the University of Maryland College Park’s graduate program in Marine, Estuarine, Environmental Science and the director of The Paynter Lab where he leads investigations in the physiological and ecological processes associated with life in the estuary.

His main focus is on the biology, ecology, and restoration of the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, which plays a critical role in the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay.

On May 16, David Moyer presents “What Is Sustainable Seafood?” Knowing how to eat sustainably is a very tricky business these days, especially when it comes to seafood. Calvert Marine Museum’s curator for estuarine biology, Moyer, can help the public explore the world of sustainable seafood, the local seafood scene, and how to evaluate information and apply it to locally sourced seafood. Local watermen and seafood vendors will be on hand to talk about where you can get locally sourced seafood, and support your local watermen. Go to or call 410-326-2042.