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The Charles County Sheriff’s Office has temporarily shut down its District II station in Indian Head due to increased levels of mold and allergens inside the building.

Officers assigned to the station have continued working their beats. They have access to the department’s mobile command center, which has been set up in the station’s parking lot, and many have been working out of the District I station in La Plata, spokeswoman Diane Richardson said.

The station’s front lobby has remained open so that residents can continue to use the community phone for police-related calls. The lobby is ventilated and not near any of the areas infected with mold, Richardson said.

It is unclear how long the station, located at 4401 Indian Head Highway, will remain closed.

Water leaks in the building created dark spots in the carpeting that concerned some employees, “so we tested it, and portions of the building are not healthy right now, to the point where we felt we needed to get everybody out,” Richardson said. The station closed Jan. 3.

The department is “still in a holding pattern,” conducting more tests and consulting with contractors, Richardson said. It is a possibility that the sheriff’s office could not return to the building, she added.

“We’re just at the beginning stages of this and evaluating everything,” Richardson said.