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I know that I recently hung up my pen to do more work on my autobiography, but I also said that if an issue was important enough, I would write about it.

Well, there is nothing more important than our veterans. I have been researching our disabled veterans, and I found that veterans with 50 percent and more disability are exempt in many states from paying property taxes. I agree with this exemption all the way.

I also would like to introduce legislation that would allow veterans who are 70 and older to be exempt from paying property taxes. If and when this is passed by our local and federal governments, it would help those veterans who are, as you know, living on small pensions.

If this becomes a law, I am now 92 and would probably never benefit from it, but other veterans will, and that is what counts.

I guess many who read this article will wonder why I am so concerned, but as a World War II veteran, I also have been deprived of many benefits that belonged to me after I served this country.

I am proud of and know that my family has done its share to defend our country. I served in the South Pacific; my son served in Vietnam; my grandson served in Afghanistan and all over the world as a U.S. Navy Seal. And now my great-grandson is serving in the Pacific area. That is four generations, and there are many other families who have done the same thing.

I feel that when someone has raised his family, put all his children through school — even college — served his local community and church as he should, paid all his taxes for the last 30 years, the least our government can do is let that veteran reap some major benefits, such as property tax exemption when they reach 70.

No, don’t play with this from committee to committee, as our Congress usually does, for they have forgotten the veterans as they have been doing for years. Let’s do it now. Veterans have, in the past, been the last ones to be taken care of. That is why First Lady Michelle Obama, and second lady Jill Biden have taken such an interest in our veterans’ plight. They are very much aware of all these shortcomings.

Lemon H. Moses Jr., Waldorf