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Editor’s Note: Leonardtown’s girls swim team claimed its 100th consecutive win on Wednesday night with a 198-55 win over Westlake at the College of Southern Maryland Leonardtown campus pool.

Attempts to get results from this meet from the Leonardtown coaching staff were unsuccessful at press time.

The boys stayed undefeated with a 187-41 win over Westlake.

On Wednesday, the Leonardtown Lady Raiders swimming team scored their 100th consecutive win.

What an amazing accomplishment.

One hundred consecutive wins is a big deal, especially to us as a team and our school. It is just a little mind blowing to know that you are part of a team whose main tradition is hard work and dedication that helps to build a legacy as the team to beat.

Don’t get me wrong, winning is not everything and we definitely do not pride ourselves on just winning alone, but not everyone gets to say they have won 100 meets and are strictly undefeated.

It has been a long nine seasons, laid forth by previous swimmers who laid the ground work for us to achieve this awesome goal.

Of course, I have only been on the team for four years, but I can honestly say without the previous seniors and the lovely ladies before me, we could not have done this at all. A big thank you goes out to them.

It was also really nice to see a lot of our alumni cheering us on. It is definitely awesome to see them again and relive some of the best memories.

In celebration for our awesome accomplishment, Bill Wood of Bill Wood Photography sponsored the making of some really fantastic T-shirts to commemorate the night. The whole team really appreciates his photos and these incredibly nice shirts.

With the season in full swing, we are beginning our two meets every week period for the rest of the season until the SMAC championship meet.

We know we have a lot of challenges ahead, with one of our scariest meets next week.

Things for the girls and boys team are about to get a lot harder.

Are we ready? Absolutely. We have our weaknesses and, like every team in the world, we have room to grow and improve, but you better believe we will come out charging.

These next few meets will be a battle against who wants it more but, to tell you the truth, there is no one who wants another undefeated season more than us.

But on a lighter note, congratulations to everyone who swam in the meet on Wednesday and contributed to a win on both sides.

I am so proud to be your captain, but even prouder to be your friend and teammate.

Alex Theriot

Leonardtown senior