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Editor’s Note: This Athlete diary was written before Huntingtown’s contest on Wednesday night at La Plata.

The Hurricanes lost the contest, 50-45.

From last week, we played Chopticon for the second time. We did not perform to the best of our ability.

From this game, we have learned that the posts and guards need to connect for us to put points on the scoreboard.

The guards can bring the ball up the court, now we just need the posts to post up. The posts have been working on their moves to the basket, now they need to finish and get fouled for a possibility of a three-point play.

In the game, we could not make our layups. We have worked separately in practice and now we need to become one and work as a team. This past Saturday, we continue to work on our layups and shooting foul shots.

This week, we are preparing for Calvert on Friday at home. Also, we travel to La Plata on Wednesday.

Our practice schedule has changed this week. We are practicing a little later than usual. As a result, we are going to stay after school to complete our homework, which will help us play better because our homework will be done so we can go to sleep earlier.

This time of the year is the hardest because the teachers are expecting more from us and half of the school year is over.

For the players, we are going to be watching game film individually with the coach and analyzing every minute of it.

Coach [Felicia] Hall told us an inspirational story about Angie Fuentes, a junior in high school who runs track and cross country.

She isn’t just an ordinary girl. She was born blind and enjoys running. She goes to Seneca Valley High School [in Montgomery County].

If someone asks her to do something, she does it without making excuses for herself. This reflects on us because as a team we always make excuses for ourselves instead of listening and actually comprehending what the coaches have to say.

This is a reality check because we don’t realize how easy our life is. The coaches don’t ask us to do anything we can’t bear. Before, we respond we need to reconsider everything and stand up for our actions, not make excuses for everything. We need to think of the team instead of ourselves.

Our goal is to come together as a team and win a game. This will help us with our fans coming out to support us.

With more support, it will help us perform better and keep our heads in the game and playing consistently instead of in spurts.

Amanda Johnson

Huntingtown senior