Snowflakes for healing, from one school to another -- Gazette.Net


Though not much snow has arrived in the area yet this winter, one local school worked on sending as many snowflakes as possible up to Connecticut. These flakes, however, were in no danger of melting along the way – they were cut from hundreds of pieces of paper.

Rocky Hill Middle School in Clarksburg sent more than 700 paper snowflakes to Sandy Connecticut PTA as part of a national PTA-led project to bring winter cheer to the Newton, Conn., region following the Dec. 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that resulted in 27 deaths.

According to Charlene Midolo, the Vice President of the Rocky Hill Middle School PTA, they took notice of the national PTA’s “Winter Wonderland” campaign, which asked schools nationwide to send in paper snowflakes for decorating the new Sandy Hook School at Chalk Hill.

“We were trying to figure out a way to make the students feel welcome at the new school,” said Midolo, “and asked the staff to support in this.”

Within one day of announcing Rocky Hill’s participation, according to Midolo, students and staff had submitted 300 snowflakes. She mailed the last of the 700-plus snowflakes on Jan. 8.

The Connecticut PTA has received thousands of submissions and is no longer collecting snowflakes. For other ways to help, visit