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As an advocate of a particular point of view, Charles County Planning Commission member Joe Tieger has every right to express his frustration that his belief in reducing economic growth and restricting property rights is not shared by a majority of property owners and businesses in Charles County [“Tier map is ‘unbalanced,’” Maryland Independent, Jan. 11].

Democracy is a messy process, and to this point, his arguments regarding the tier map and the comprehensive plan have not been persuasive to the majority of county residents. While that is frustrating to him, we conduct this process and hold these hearings in order to build on the consensus that successfully has guided land use policy in Charles County for a generation.

Like Mr. Tieger, everyone has a right to participate.But later in his letter, writing about the businesses and property owners who do not support these restrictions, he writes that “it is interesting that when people talk about their rights and their plans for the land, they seldom talk about their responsibilities to their community or any consideration of the costs of their plans to the public.”

That goes too far.

The business community to which he is referring — many of whom are members of the Charles County Chamber of Commerce — has a very solid understanding of their responsibilities to the county. It is our business community that provides the commercial tax base that supports our schools, police and firefighters. It is to our business community that charities turn to raise funds to feed, clothe and shelter the poor among us. It is our business community that provides the jobs that help young people find work and helps families climb the ladder of prosperity. It is our business community that provides an outsized number of the people who serve on the boards of directors of our hospital, our charities, PTAs, neighborhood associations, and even government panels and commissions.

In short, our business community gives their time, talent and treasure to Charles County in every way. They have a right — some would say an obligation — to speak on issues of importance to them that are under consideration by the county government.

Rest assured our business owners and homeowners in Charles County are well aware of the costs of government in our county and our state.Our business owners in Charles County are rightfully proud of how they more than fulfill their responsibilities to our community.

It denigrates our business community for Mr. Tieger to suggest otherwise.

Betsy Burian, La Plata

The writer is the executive director of the Charles County Chamber of Commerce.