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This letter was sent to Calvert County Commissioner Susan Shaw (R). A copy was sent to The Calvert Recorder.

I am a daily driver on Ponds Wood Road, stopping at the light that has been in use for a few months on Route 4. It is a “T” stop situation. The folks southbound turning onto Ponds Wood get a flashing red light, while folks rolling north on Route 4 have a green light and folks on Ponds Wood have a red light. I was sitting at the red light waiting patiently to turn left onto Route 4, when I got a green light. The northbound light has been red throughout the time the southbound left turners have already gotten a green light. I don’t start out immediately, but as soon as I do, a car comes through the red northbound right in front of my nose, no slowing before or after, just running the red light in the fast lane. It practically stopped my heart. I have seen other things at that light, too. I have sat behind two different pick-up trucks on Ponds Wood that got tired of waiting for the light to turn green and turned left on a red light. In short, I have been waiting for something bad to happen at this light and it did Sunday, Jan. 6. A car plowed into a line of three waiting vehicles stopped at a red light going north on Route 4. Some people were severely injured.

I was glad to have this light arrive, for there had been several other accidents at that intersection before the light was installed. However, I think the light is not safe as it is currently being operated and is, in fact, perhaps less safe than before it was installed. My thoughts for a solution would include:

• No flashing red light for southbound left turners. This would eliminate some of the hazard of turning right onto Ponds Wood from going north on Route 4.

• The light should be on demand instead of on a timer, eliminating long, unnecessary waits for the light to turn green on Ponds Wood.

• The visibility of the light going north on Route 4 is limited, as it is on a curve. A warning light that there is red light ahead would eliminate the accident that happened Jan. 6.

As someone who must drive this intersection daily and who has family and friends who do the same, I sincerely hope these or other improvements for safety would be made.

Marcia Monnett, Hungtingtown