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In response to the Dec. 26 letter to the editor in The Calvert Recorder, “Solomons poles should go underground,” I strongly suggest to all concerned a visit to the St. Leonard Shores waterfront community, approximately seven miles north of Solomons on Route 4. The grotesque poles that mar what was once an idyllic and pristine community will inspire you to fight Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative to the end for an alternative.

I believe that the St. Leonard Shores Association (SLSA) waged a good fight, and I do not know what could have been argued differently, more aggressively or more effectively. Come view the horror that SMECO has brought to our beautiful and natural community. Ironically, the residential power lines servicing St. Leonard Shores are buried underground. The monster poles that have destroyed our community do not service our community — they are just passing through, so to speak. SMECO’s logic and cost-cutting measures are ludicrous, to the point of being contemptible. To add insult to injury, SMECO has “donated” $500 to our community’s social committee, as if a happy hour could assuage the blight on our community.

Driving farther north, there are more of the graceless poles adorning Route 4 and, regrettably, several front lawns. Rest assured, property values have to be negatively impacted by SMECO. Also, consider the lengthy installation process. At St. Leonard Shores, we are approximately four months into this installation. Construction timbers remain clearly positioned at the entrance to our community, so we are being used for staging SMECO efforts; an area where the monster poles were installed at the community entrance remains raw and unlandscaped, and not a very attractive entrance to our community; and the SMECO helicopter and extremely loud SMECO powerboat continue their intrusions at random intervals. During Hurricane Sandy, all of us were awakened and terrified in the middle of the night when some of the power lines fell into St. Leonard Creek. It makes one wonder if any life continues to exist in the creek.

This is tasteless and graceless. Solomons Civic Association and Solomons Business Association, beware. Ensure SMECO receives an education in aesthetics that is sorely lacking.

Patricia Z. Ryan, St. Leonard