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On Jan. 9, we played La Plata and even though we lost, this was our best game of the season so far.

During this game, I felt a connection with my teammates. I believed we were playing as a team and became united.

We had them in foul trouble. This allowed us the opportunity to go to the foul line to attempt at 41 free throws. Unfortunately, we only made 18.

We realized that being on the foul line is definitely mental. When on the foul line, we should repeat the same routine every time. We need to focus not only on using your legs and following through but having the same routine.

We came back from a deficit to tie the game and eventually take the lead by one. However in the last 20 seconds of the game, they scored a three-pointer. We had possession of the ball and just couldn’t connect with the basket. They got the ball back and made a layup before the clock ran out. The final score was 50-45.

Last Friday, we played Calvert, one of the best teams in the SMAC and state. We knew Calvert had great skill and ability and we tried to have confidence and be prepared to play well.

Calvert is composed of seven players and every player fulfills their role. Calvert is very well-rounded team because they trust each other and distribute the ball evenly. They have great court vision and awareness. Calvert plays as a team and everyone on the team has confidence. They never give up.

Fortunately, we take a break from traveling this week. We had a home game on Wednesday (a 73-28 loss against Westlake) and another one again (at 6:30) tonight against Northern. This will be our second matchup on the season [against the Patriots]. I think we have improved our skills had a few changes with our roster since the first match-up.

This week is the end of the second [marking] quarter and our midterms are finally over so the academic stress level has decreased.

This will help with us being able to get more rest and to have more energy to produce and accomplish our goals.

We are still working hard to get a win. To accomplish this, we have been taking advantage of every opportunity we have to get in the gym on our shooting.

Amanda Johnson,

Huntingtown senior