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Gwen Shaw removed one spike and then reached for the other. But as she tugged, it clung to her foot, and she stumbled ever so slightly.

Perhaps, the shoe knew something she didn’t.

As long as Shaw wore her racing shoes Tuesday, she was unstoppable.

Shaw entered the day with no Montgomery County indoor track and field titles (but three second-places finishes). By 8:15 p.m., she had four titles — the 55-meter hurdles in a meet-record 8.21 seconds, the 55-meter dash, the 300-meter dash and the 4x200-meter relay.

Prior to the meet, the Thomas S. Wootton High School senior figured she had little chance to win all four events and no chance at a meet record. But she reached both accomplishments, anyway.

“When you want something bad enough, you can achieve some things that aren’t entirely possible,” Shaw said. “I don’t know really what was going through my head. The whole day, I just knew that I wanted it, and I wanted the four golds and maybe the meet record.”

The Northwest High School girls won the team title, and Clarksburg High School took the boys title. But Shaw stole the show.

No other two girls teams combined for more event wins than Shaw had Thursday. Splitting credit equally with her three teammates for the relay win, she also scored more points by herself than 20 girls teams in the 25-team meet.

“I think the same thing as everybody else,” Wootton coach Mike Thompson said between bites of his dinner. “She’s an outstanding runner, and even when you know that, to watch her was amazing.”

Shaw was mostly business-like Tuesday, offering little more than a smile and maybe a high-five to a teammate or opponent following any of her victories.

After breaking Audrey Gariepy-Bogui of Winston Churchill’s hurdles record set in 2007, Shaw won another event — the 55-meter dash, which she last ran as a freshman — before word even reached her that she had set the record. She was that quick.

In the 4x200 relay, Shaw took the baton with Wootton in third place and immediately began to make up ground, even though she had to take a long path around the first turn to pass an opponent. As Shaw made the second turn, she was even with two other runners.

“I wanted it so badly,” Wootton said. “I came off the turn, and I knew I had it.”

Three other athletes also set meet records: Clarksburg’s William Bertrand in the boys 3,200-meter run (9 minutes, 29.67 seconds), Clarksburg’s Claudia Ababio in the girls shot put (41-feet-9-inches) and James H. Blake High School’s Gaston Assoua in the boys long jump (23-00.00).

Northwest has now won three straight girls indoor titles, even though the team thought it had clinched the crown sooner. Northwest’s 4x200 relay team — running with a new lineup was disqualified after its race for an illegal handoff — but more than anything, the group left with positive vibes.

“They love the order now,” Northwest coach Robert Youngblood said. “They’re like, ‘Blood, we’re fast.’ I’m like, ‘I know this.’ So we can’t wait until next week.”

Clarksburg coach Scott Mathias is also looking ahead after his boys won the school’s first indoor track title by either gender.

“It’s great for the kids,” Mathias said. “They work so hard, and they suffer through a lot. Indoor track, it’s so cold outside and nasty. The goal is to come out and do these kind of things.”

“It’s not the end goal for the year. So, hopefully, our boys will use it as a stepping stone.”


Boys team standings

1. Clarksburg 115

2. Northwest 95.5

3. Quince Orchard 85.5

4. Paint Branch 52

5. James Hubert Blake 29

Boys 55

1. Paul Joseph, Clarksburg (6.61); 2. Manuel Brown, Quince Orchard (6.79); 3. Jalen Walker, Northwest (6.85)

Boys 300

1. Paul Joseph, Clarksburg (35.33); 2. Jalen Walker, Northwest (35.76); 3. Tavis Holland, Clarksburg (36.28)

Boys 500

1. Dahri Jahn-Richardson, Northwest (66.45); 2. Tavis Holland, Clarksburg (66.99); 3. Josh McDonald, Northwest (67.3)

Boys 800

1. Oliver Lloyd, Paint Branch (2:03.40); 2. Dahri Jahn-Richardson, Northwest (2:04.80); 3. Stephen Alexander, Richard Montgomery (2:05.01)

Boys 1600

1. William Bertrand, Clarksburg (4:23.25); 2. Josh Trzeciak, Thomas S Wootton (4:26.04); 3. David Fitzgerald, Winston Churchill (4:35.16)

Boys 3200

1. William Bertrand, Clarksburg (9:29.67); 2. Chase Weaverling, Poolesville Sr (9:36.63); 3. Alex Riishojgaard, Bethesda-Chevy Chase (10:07.80)

Boys 55 hurdles

1. Paul Joseph, Clarksburg (7.75); 2. Boubacar Diallo, Springbrook (7.85); 3. Eric Kaczmarek-Addison, Quince Orchard (7.93)

Boys 4x200 relay

1. Northwest (1:33.70); 2. Quince Orchard (1:34.11); 3. Clarksburg (1:34.12)

Boys 4x400 relay

1. Northwest (3:32.37); 2. Clarksburg (3:34.96); 3. James Hubert Blake (3:35.34)

Boys 4x800 relay

1. Northwest (8:23.00); 2. Quince Orchard (8:24.80); 3. Richard Montgomery (8:28.00)

Boys shot put

1. Donovan Tyler, Quince Orchard (45-11.50); 2. David Banks, Col. Zadok Magruder (42-03.50); 3. Devonte Johnson, Paint Branch (42-02.00)

Boys high jump

1. Joe Williams, Northwest (6-02.00); 2. Jack O’Keefe, Quince Orchard (6-00.00); 3. Andre Butler, Poolesville Sr (6-00.00)

Boys long jump

1. Gaston Assoua, James Hubert Blake (23-00.00); 2. Sytta Barry, Paint Branch (20-10.75); 3. Malcolm Brown, Quince Orchard (20-03.50)

Boys triple jump

1. Elliott Davis, Quince Orchard (45-00.00); 2. Jared Thompson, Clarksburg (42-10.00); 3. Matthew Adedeji, Clarksburg (41-10.00)

Girls team standings

1. Northwest 79.5

2. Thomas S Wootton 61

3. Clarksburg 58

4. Bethesda-Chevy Chase 49

5. Richard Montgomery 37

Girls 55

1. Gwen Shaw, Thomas S Wootton (7.26); 2. Deborah Olawuni, Montgomery Blair (7.31); 3. Lauren Woods, Sherwood (7.38)

Girls 300

1. Gwen Shaw, Thomas S Wootton (40.83); 2. Sylvia Deppen, Thomas S Wootton (41.7); 3. Dana Eckerstrom, Northwest (42.2)

Girls 500

1. Sylvia Deppen, Thomas S Wootton (78.43); 2. Tise Taiwo, Richard Montgomery (1:20.12); 3. Melanie Dakwa, Watkins Mill (1:20.56)

Girls 800

1. Lucy Srour, Winston Churchill (2:23.99); 2. Gaby Go, Northwest (2:24.56); 3. Naomi Sheppard, Northwest (2:24.75)

Girls 1600

1. Caroline Beakes, Bethesda-Chevy Chase (5:15.17); 2. Lucy Srour, Winston Churchill (5:17.81); 3. Abbey Daley, Clarksburg (5:22.46)

Girls 3200

1. Caroline Beakes, Bethesda-Chevy Chase (11:24.68); 2. Abbey Daley, Clarksburg (11:30.64); 3. Claire Beautz, Poolesville Sr (11:36.43)

Girls 55 hurdles

1. Gwen Shaw, Thomas S Wootton (8.21); 2. Alexus Pyles, Clarksburg (8.61); 3. Kafilat Oladiran, Montgomery Blair (8.69)

Girls 4x200 relay

1. Thomas S Wootton (1:47.38); 2. Northwet (1:47.54); 3. Col. Zadok Magruder (1:47.58)

Girls 4x400 relay

1.Paint Branch (4:12.80); 2. Watkins Mill (4:14.90); 3. Northwest (4:15.73)

Girls 4x800 relay

1. Northwest (9:47.19); 2. Bethesda-Chevy Chase (9:48.31); 3. Walt Whitman (10:07.01)

Girls shot put

1. Claudia Ababio, Clarksburg (41-09.00); 2. Tiffany Afolabi-Brown, Richard Montgomery (36-01.00); 3. Justina Ababio, Clarksburg (34-06.50)

Girls high jump

1. Alexus Pyles, Clarksburg (5-02.00); 2. Hayley Henshaw, Northwest (4-10.00); 3. Samantha Jonjo, Quince Orchard (4-08.00)

Girls long jump

1. Larre Hodge, John F Kennedy (17-09.50); 2. Leondra Correia, Northwest (17-06.00); 3. Bryeana Rhodes, Damascus (17-01.50)

Girls triple jump

1. Ana Gomerez, Walter Johnson (34-04.00); 2. Hayley Henshaw, Northwest (33-03.50); 3. Jeida Robertson, Col. Zadok Magruder (33-01.50)