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Those eager to showcase their Fairfax County pride on their cars will soon be able to place orders for the proposed county license plates.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors signed off on the new plate design Tuesday.

It features the county seal in the middle, a screened outline of the county behind the seal and the plate numbers and both the Visit Fairfax and Fairfax County URLs.

Before the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will begin manufacturing the plates, the county must solicit prepaid orders from at least 350 people.

But Visit Fairfax, which is spearheading the effort to get people to order the plates, is not content to stop there, said President and CEO Barry Biggar.

The county’s tourism agency will continue to market the plates for at least a year, he said.

If the DMV sells at least 1,000 Fairfax County license plates, the county will start receiving a share of the proceeds.

Special license plates in Virginia cost $25 extra per year. Fairfax County will get $15 of each plate fee and the DMV will retain the other $10.

If it is successful in this effort, the county plans to use the revenues to support the costs of hosting the 2015 World Police and Fire Games and other tourism-related endeavors.