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Members of the St. Mary’s County Planning Commission pushed the developer of the Wildewood neighborhood in California on Monday to complete an overdue emergency access road.

In July, the commission was told the road would be completed by last fall.

“When are you going to finish the second entrance?” asked Shelby P. Guazzo, planning commission member.

“The plan is to complete the road after the second layer of asphalt. We’re very near that,” said Shawn Day, assistant vice president of Duball, the development company.

The emergency access road is to connect Primevere Road to Lawrence Hayden Road.

In September 2011, a gas line ruptured along Wildewood Parkway, which runs the length of the neighborhood. The road was closed to the rear of the neighborhood and Evergreen Elementary School was shut in temporarily until its students could be bused away using what was then a gravel construction road out to Lawrence Hayden Road.

“You’re not going to finish that for a long time,” Guazzo said. “You need to figure out ... how to get through that road without having to move jersey barriers. I don’t see a big problem working that out.”

Jersey barriers were put down last week, Day said, to stop traffic from using the road prematurely.

Guazzo said a gate should be put up on the road and emergency first responders should get a key. “The public doesn’t need to use it until you get around to it,” she said.

“It’s been a big concern,” said Chairman Howard Thompson. “Somewhere down the road we’ll need to get out the back of there.”

“We’ll get it taken care of,” Day said.

Wildewood is the largest neighborhood in St. Mary’s County. It is a planned unit development that operates outside of the county’s zoning ordinance.

The developers did recently add a lane to southbound Route 235 from Wildewood Boulevard.

The neighborhood now has 2,395 homes on 885 acres. It has approvals to built 1,397 more. There are 126 homes in Neighborhood One, which is not part of the planned unit development.