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On Friday and Saturday, Cedar Lane Senior Living Community in Leonardtown celebrated its residents that have reached their 90th birthday or better. The two-day event is Cedar Lane’s annual acknowledgement of its residents’ long lives and the history that those lives represent.

“We truly value their history and experiences they’ve had, and we want to celebrate that,” said Janice Pruett, move-in and marketing coordinator for Cedar Lane. “We think it’s important.”

The honored residents include World War II veterans and folks who lived through the Great Depression. They were volunteers in the Army Air Corps, mothers who made all their children’s clothing and faithful church ushers and Sunday school teachers. They worked hard, married high school sweethearts and raised families.

They can now look back on their lives and, with a perspective that only comes with age, note the massive changes in the world that have occurred during their lives, perhaps most significantly the mass introduction of automobiles and inventions like televisions and computers.

The Cedar Lane event, which included birthday cake and proclamations from local officials, was set up to allow the residents to celebrate their neighbors on Friday and the families of the honored residents to celebrate on Saturday.

Altogether, 39 of the approximately 200 Cedar Lane residents fit into the category of 90 or older and were part of the special celebration. The oldest of the group is Mary Hammett, 101, who has been a resident of Cedar Lane since 2004.

In preparation for the event, Pruett collected information from all 39 who were set to be part of the celebration. She was struck by the history they lived through, the stories they told, she said, particularly the stories relating to World War II.

“The things they went through. The things that they witnessed. It truly is incredible,” she said.

Susan Craton