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It’s ironic that, in the same week the Transportation Security Administration announced plans to withdraw full-body X-ray machines that leave nothing — I repeat, nothing — to the imagination from airports nationwide, that the courthouse in St. Mary’s County has approved the installation of glass dividers and locked doors to further segerate and marginalize visitors.

Isn’t it bad enough that anyone with business to transact at the courthouse here in Calvert County is subjected to a humiliating electronic search and forced to empty their pockets and remove their belt as a condition of entering a building built and sustained with taxpayer dollars?

Should people in the land of the free be required to plan their sartorial needs around a trip to the courthouse — shirts with a barrel instead of French cuffs, shoes without metal arches, suspenders without metal clips — all for the protection of a handful of judges and county officials? How is this any different from the British tyranny our forefathers rebelled against?

Perhaps the TSA could donate the full-body scan machines that were too invasive for air travelers to county courthouses.

Edward C. Davenport, Drum Point