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Jordan “Short Dog” White hasn’t been out of the spotlight, just flying below the radar.

That can prove to be good strategy for the North Point High School sophomore who is preparing and disciplining himself for a world boxing title.

The spotlight is back on White, and he and his family have a lot planned for his upcoming fight, which will take him out of the country. His passport is ready to go, and sponsors are lining up to support his endeavors.

White, a Waldorf resident, fights at 101 pounds and captured the USA Men’s Junior World Championship on Jan. 11 in Reno, Nev., and is now ranked number one in the United States in his weight class.

White’s fight was the first of 13 for the night, an 17-9 decision over Szel Martinez of Ontario, Ore. White knocked Martinez down 1 minute 30 seconds into the third round.

“He [Martinez] was more of a brawler,” White said, “more of a come-forward fighter. He wasn’t a technical fighter. He wanted to come in close and throw body punches. He was probably two inches taller than me.”

With the win, White has secured himself a place on the USA Championship team that will travel to Kiev, Ukraine this August to fight in the AIBA Men’s Junior World Championships.

White made history by being the only fighter from the local area and the first to win in the ring for the evening. He said his main goal is to get more experience and to get the chance to represent the U.S.

“There are a lot of [boxing] styles out there that I still haven’t seen,” White said. “They said that the Russians fight a lot different. They put their hands up to distract you. It’s a learning experience, and to train with an Olympic coach is awesome.”

Nicole White, Jordan’s mother, said that she watched the fight via the live stream online.

“It was very exciting,” Nicole said. “I was streamlining, and I’m screaming and the dogs are hollering at the same time. I didn’t have any nails left by the time it was over, and everybody was calling me asking me how to streamline it.”

Prior to defeating Martinez, White won a 21-13 decision Jan. 10 over Slade Corvin of Chattanooga, Tenn., in the semifinal round. That was the second time the two had faced each other.

The White family still trains in their garage at their home, and Jordan and his father went to Philadelphia to spar with a member of the Mayweather family.

“It’s important to get with a variety of people to spar with to better prepare myself,” Jordan White said.

The White family is looking forward to training with an Olympic trainer. Dual fights will also be set up before the August fight in the Ukraine.

“I really do want to go to the Olympic Training Center [in Colorado Springs, Colo.],” Jordan said. “That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Jordan said that he and his father, John, have been working on his skill, including counter-punches, to prepare for the future.

“The AIBA has invested in hiring Cuban coaches that will fare well in the Olympics [in 2016],” John said. “It’s the first time they’ll be working with them to send them internationally. It’s supposed to better prepare them for international competition. They said the rules there are a little more flexible and you can rough-house a little bit.”

In the Ukraine, bouts will be scored via a computer by five judges. Three judges will have to agree on a solid punch and click their electronic scorer to award a point.

John White said that the tournament in the Ukraine is the only world-ranked tournament for amateurs. The only other world-ranked tournament is the Olympics.

“He’ll come out with a world ranking after this fight in August,” John White said, “and number one is what we’re looking for, but we’ll take top five to 10, something like that.”

Sitting in a local restaurant in Waldorf last weekend, John, Jordan’s father and trainer, presented his son with a check from one of their devoted sponsors, Arness Mechanical Services, Inc. of Hughesville.

Jordan’s face lit up as he opened the envelope and saw the check addressed to himself. He said all of his hard work is paying off.

“I’m going to the bank after this.” Jordan said with a smile.

Another sponsor that has been there for the White family is the sports clothing line Solbiato. The website will send the White family 40 percent of the proceeds when a fan downloads Jordan boxing matches.

“Waldorf Fitness has also helped us out a lot and given us a good deal to enable us to come in and work out there.” John White said. “He needs to be very responsible when it comes to his weight.”