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Charles County government is seeking nine volunteers to serve on a board to help determine the future structure of county government, according to a news release. The “charter board” will determine whether the county should abandon its current “code home rule” form of government in favor of a charter and, if so, will draft that charter.

“The Charter Board will draft a charter for Charles County to change the present form of government from code home rule to charter government. The draft charter will be submitted to the County Commissioners for review and approval, and then for a referendum election by the voters of Charles County. The proposed charter is intended to go before the voters for ratification during the 2014 Election,” the announcement states.

Applications are due Feb. 5. They can be obtained online at or by contacting Carol DeSoto at 301-645-0691 or

The board will hold its first meeting Feb. 21 and meet weekly thereafter. Its proposal is due Jan. 1, 2014.