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I am responding to the article in the Jan. 25 edition of The Enterprise headlined “Nones not on the run, but on the rise.” I am a Christian and therefore disagree with the thinking of people who are atheists.

However, I can understand why they do not believe in God. When we look at the world today we cannot help but conclude: what a mess. Thousands of people are dying because of wars, crime, starvation, diseases, accidents, etc. Some people say if there is a God who created and controls the universe and everything in it, a God that loves each of us, why does he allow these things happen? Some folks say God has a plan that is beyond our understanding. People pray to God that these evils be stopped, but they continue.

I would like atheists to use what I call the “reasonableness test” to see if God exists. Consider the Earth. We are on a big rock somewhere in the universe, spinning around another body of burning material that provides us with the right amount of heat to sustain life. The Earth is the only known body in the universe that has an atmosphere that sustains life. The same is true about water. The question is: Did it happen by chance that the Earth is where it is today and we have all the things necessary to sustain life? Apply the reasonableness test.

Some people say they do not believe in miracles. Everything can be explained by science. How about gravity? Or magnetism? Or radiation? We cannot see these things, yet we know they exist because we can see their effects. Another example is the creation of life. We know that sperm from a male combines with the egg of a female, and the process of growing begins. How does this growing mass know to develop into a complicated human being? Is there a divine guidance, a God that starts and guides this process, or does this happen by chance? Apply the reasonableness test.

Lastly, I say to the atheists: Look closely at the world and all of the living things in it. Look at the universe and the facts scientists have discovered. Did all of these things happen by chance? Apply the reasonableness test.

Robert W. Lindsley, Leonardtown