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This letter was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A copy was sent to The Calvert Recorder.

Dear Madam Secretary:

The nation has waited a long time to hear the truth about what happened in Benghazi and why our people had to die defending our embassy. I am sure you are aware of the circumstances and have seen the horrible pictures of one of our citizens being dragged through the streets and the brutal attack he endured prior to his death. Let me tell you, Madam Secretary, it does make a difference. The families of those who lost their lives there want answers. We do not want excuses or an attitude of “get used to it and move on.” We want to know why the president of the United States and your department did not send help. We want to know why the brave men who fought to defend our post there were told to “stand down.” We want to know why the United States is sending planes to a country that uses weapons against us to attack our nation and nothing is done to prevent it.

Your pathetic “excuses” to Congress were not what the American people wanted to hear. Someone is responsible for the slaughter and terrorist attack, and the blame leads to the president of the United States. Don’t try to fool us with your pitiful tears of remorse. Your tears should be for the nation you failed to protect because of your lack of leadership. When one of our embassies is attacked, it is an attack against our nation and should be dealt with as such. When our citizens are in another country, they are told to go to our embassy for protection if needed. How can we ever feel safe in a foreign country when we know we are not protected against attack? Don’t try to hide behind ignorance and say you didn’t know our embassy needed more help prior to the attack. We know better.

The American people want the truth, not excuses. It’s time you did the right thing to protect the United States of America from any other such attacks anywhere in the world. No president is God. If he is to blame, say so. It’s time for you and all others in your party to start serving the people of America instead of your own party, the president or your own self-interest. The secretary of state represents the United States of America, not any particular party, and should conduct himself or herself as such. We are still waiting for the truth.

Gloria L. Hawkins, Prince Frederick