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A copy of this letter was sent to the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners, the county administrator and the director of the Department of General Services.

I am disappointed with the negative attitude and disparaging remarks about the Chesapeake Hills Golf Course by some of our Calvert County Board of County Commissioners members, and by some leading citizens, even referring to the purchase of the course as “our biggest blunder ever.” One has only to look across the street at the idle Patuxent Business Park to see a really big blunder. Whether a bad deal or not, we now own it, so instead of dwelling on the negatives, let’s develop a positive attitude and support and further develop the property.

Many folks in the area can remember the club as a lively, prosperous facility with a large dining room and kitchen, lounge, swimming pool, tennis courts, travel programs, etc. — a real centerpiece of community activity. I sent in my initial membership fee of $260 while stationed with the U.S. Air Force overseas in 1967, and when I retired in 1973, one reason for moving back to Calvert County (where I was born and raised) was the location of the golf course here.

As president of the Calvert County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in the early 1980s, I witnessed the building and dedication of three large recreational parks in the county. Since then, we’ve added swimming pools, additional ball parks and other facilities, mostly to accommodate the youth — and this is all good. A golf course is unique in that it serves all ages of the public. I will be 90 in a few months and I, plus many other older folks, play twice a week, 52 weeks a year. And we constantly see youngsters on the driving range or putting green learning the game.

Calvert County is a great place to live, to raise and educate our children and to savor the four seasons, with many activities to enjoy. Let’s not “bad mouth” our one public facility that folks of all ages can enjoy; rather, let’s support, even improve, the county golf course, where once again it could become the center of community activities and a genuine source of pride.


Vernon Garner, Solomons