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If you thought your week was bad, keep reading.

This was supposed to be an awesome week of swimming and the conclusion of my senior season, but instead my Tuesday night was bruised by the fact that I was not accepted to my first choice college.

It stings, but keep reading.

Wednesday night was the Leonardtown senior night, an entire meet dedicated to all of the seniors in celebration of our accomplishments.

I was looking forward to being a part of the focus, but due to an auto accident, everything I had envisioned would soon change.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, but due to the nature of the accident, whiplash set in and swimming was deemed unwise.

I was devastated, but there was no one to blame, just terrible luck. Looking on the bright side, we were all blessed to walk away; the outcome could have been much worse.

If that was not bad enough, keep reading.

The College of Southern Maryland pool was decorated in Leonardtown colors from top to bottom. It was awesome to see the hard work put in by our lovely junior captains. They did such an outstanding job and made the night very special.

I decided to try warming up and see if it was still possible to swim, but when I went to my swim bag, I slipped down three concrete steps and busted my behind landing completely on the ground.

Embarrassing to say the least, and of course, everyone saw.

Oh, keep reading.

Because our normal cheers are usually done by jumping up and down, I decided to sit in the middle to be safe and just enjoy it. No, that was not a good idea. An accidental smack in the face greeted me when I stood up.

Of course, it gets worse.

By then, my neck was getting worse and all I wanted to do was just go home.

Halftime had arrived, and it was time to celebrate our seniors. We all gathered at one end of the pool to walk with our parents, accept a white rose and run through the tunnel of teammates, but because nothing was going my way that day, it just so happened I did not hear my name called and stood there looking oblivious while everyone stared directly at me.

Not my finest moment, but it was definitely amazing to finally get my turn to run through the teammate tunnel and enjoy my last meet.

By the last relay, everything was done. I had made it through my terrible day and four glorious years of swimming. I enjoyed the night as best I could and am so grateful for the support of my teammates.

My senior night had turned into a historic moment and, sadly, for all the wrong reasons. I did enjoy the night and learned many life lessons.

Tell me your week was better.

Alex Theriot

Leonardtown senior