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Editor’s Note: This Athlete diary was written before Huntingtown picked up its first victory of the season on Wednesday night, a 53-26 victory over Lackey.

This week was a very short week. We only had one full day of school because of inclement weather.

We were scheduled to play two games Wednesday and Friday, but the Friday game against Patuxent was rescheduled to Monday.

The win is definitely coming near. I can feel it.

Last Wednesday, we played McDonough home. The game was back and forth. We score, they would score. We started the game off with a little lead and maintained it throughout. However, in the end, the Rams were victorious.

Turnovers again and some crucial officiating calls, which changed the tempo of the game, were a factor in the game. We all had a part in turnovers. I fouled out of the game in the fourth quarter.

From the McDonough game, we realized we can play as a team. Our defense was intense and applied pressure to the Rams. Our rotation became slow at times, which would allow the Rams to beat us down the court. This allowed the game to be close to come down to the end of us having an opportunity to tie the game up. We turned the ball over and lost another hard fought game.

On Monday, we played Patuxent. This game was not one of our best.

Monday nights are not always ideal nights to play. It’s a day coming off of the weekend and I just never feel back into full swing or back into our weekly routine. This showed as a team that we were not ready to produce.

We know the fundamentals of playing good defense. We work on it all the time in practice, but for some reason our minds were in a fog. We were out of position several times during the game committing unnecessary fouls.

Turnovers were high again in this game. We had another game in our hand that slowly slipped away.

A positive thus far is that our free throw shooting has improved. We still need to make more. We are getting better in making our foul shots because we are definitely getting the attempts.

Our goal for this week is having confidence and believing. We need to trust our teammates, be ready for all aspects of the game and minimize our turnovers. Our turnovers are what kill us in games.

Next week we will be very busy traveling on the road. We will be stressful, so we have to manage our time wisely, get our homework done and get to bed at a decent time to perform to our fullest capacity.

Amanda Johnson

Huntingtown senior