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Editor’s Note: This Athlete diary was written before the results of Wednesday’s tri-meet with Huntingtown and La Plata were known.

The Thomas Stone boys lost to Huntingtown, 205-68, and to La Plata, 170-94. Huntingtown swept on the boys’ side, defeating La Plata, 181-98.

The girls lost to Huntingtown, 162-100, and to La Plata, 152-100. La Plata swept on the girls’ side, defeating Huntingtown, 145-133.

Not being able to practice during this time of the season isn’t what anyone wanted to do, but we had to deal with this after our practices were canceled due to inclement weather.

This Tuesday was the first swim practice we had for an entire week. The snow really pushed us back, but there wasn’t anything anyone could do.

This week, we have two meets with only two practices. These are the last two meets of the regular season. Wednesday, we swim against Huntingtown and La Plata, and Friday, we swim against Patuxent. Both of these meets are too late for us to include the results.

It’s crazy that this is the last week of regular season. Our team has improved this year not only as a team but also individually. Everyone has continued to drop time, which is great.

Hopefully we will have even more people join the team next year because what we really are lacking is our number of swimmers. There’s a lot of talent on our team, but it’s difficult to compete at regular season meets when other teams have so many people compared to us.

The Stone swim team is truly a family, and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone.

To be prepared for the approaching major meets, such as SMAC, regionals, and states, our swim team begins to taper. Tapering gives our bodies the chance to recover and regroup from pushing ourselves all season long.

During this time, practice consists of short, but fast, sets with good technique. Teams usually taper before major meets because it helps you swim faster while your body is well rested.

Unlike swimming in regular season meets when you have to swim after a difficult practice and your body is fatigued, with taper your body is well-rested and ready for the best swims.

We have a lot of tough competition in these upcoming meets, so we have to be ready.

Amber Sandy and Taylor Stark

Thomas Stone juniors