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Bullet bounces off Waldorf restaurant patron

Detectives are investigating a Jan. 26 shooting in which someone fired a gun at a Waldorf restaurant and the bullet struck an 18-year-old man but did not penetrate his skin, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Officers arrived at 8:45 p.m. at the Blue Bay Restaurant in the 9400 block of Berry Road after someone reported shots fired.

They found that a large party — described as a “teen go-go” — was being held at the restaurant when a group of people was asked to leave. As they were leaving, someone in the group fired a gun from inside a car toward the restaurant.

The bullet went through the building’s exterior wall and struck the man inside, but he was not injured and did not require medical treatment.

Officers recovered the bullet and other evidence. They are working on leads.

Detective J. Elliot is investigating.

jeff newman