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St. Mary’s Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Stamm should be impeached for his ridiculously light sentencing of the 19-year-old adult convicted of a conspiracy charge in the attempted armed robbery of James “Doc” Oliver at Three Mules welding supply shop in Lexington Park.

An AK-47 style assault rifle fires a very powerful cartridge and can operate with 20- or 30-round magazines. Had the weapon not fallen apart in commission of the crime, there would have been no way Mr. Oliver could have defended himself with only a small .38 revolver and his fists. Mr. Mackall’s problem with pills, choice of associates or good performance on the first part of a GED exam has no relevance with his decision to threaten the life of an upstanding, law-abiding Lexington Park citizen.

Supposing Mr. Mackall serves his full five-year sentence he may re-enter society a more hardened criminal than before, be 24 years old, unemployed and contain a demonstrated propensity to terrify people with near-machine guns. Judge Stamm’s decision to impose such a light sentence may doom this community to more carnage after Mr. Mackall meets new associates and receives training on the intricacies of professional robbery and murder.

Maryland law proscribes up to 20 years for armed robbery, 15 years for just regular-old robbery. Judge Stamm’s decision perhaps split the difference between the two. I presume if Mr. Mackall would have used a knife or a baseball bat to rob Mr. Oliver he would have received no sentence at all. Judge Stamm should retire or be impeached so that the community can allow someone of sound thoughtfulness to preside over the circuit court’s business.

Chris Guffey, Lexington Park