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I am honored and flattered by your editorial, “Three decades of winning off the field,” in the Jan. 18 edition of The Calvert Recorder. The old adage that “good news stories do not always make the news” doesn’t apply with the release of our surprising demise. The reaction to this news shocked the Washington Redskins “nation” and our biggest supporters, many of whom are spread all over the country, as well as Canada, and even England, where a Hogette Fan Club formed following our appearance in London’s Wembley Stadium at an NFL game involving the Redskins more than 20 years ago.

What started as a crazy idea during a meeting of four gents at the local American Legion Stallings-Williams Post in Chesapeake Beach in 1983, held to explore ways to raise some funds to support a coworker family’s medical expenses, grew to more than 20 Hogettes over 30 years. And, amazingly, this band of “cheerleaders” was credited with raising more than $130 million for those less fortunate than themselves. It is important to note we did not do this by ourselves. We worked with hundreds of other volunteers and charitable groups during this time, averaging 120 annual appearances at fundraisers, county fairs, golf tournaments, parades and dinners all designed to raise contributions and awareness of the needs of our sick little “piglets.”

We were so fortunate to have our deeds and our good will receive so much local and national exposure that we were unable to give up this work once our “heroes,” the Redskins’ offensive line known as the “Hogs,” grew old and were turned out to pasture. Too many folks came to depend on the increased donations they received by our appearances as our popularity and “notoriety” grew. And, quite honestly, we began to realize what “hams” we had become and truly enjoyed the publicity for our work as our growing reputation spread.

I know the gents and the two ladies who wore the snouts and the “old ladies” attire will miss these good times. We received so many awesome accolades and awards over the years, but we would all give them back if it would help save the many children we met along the way. On behalf of all the Hogettes and “Spiggy and Friends,” thanks again for your great coverage.

Dave Spigler, Lusby

The writer is a founding member of Spiggy and Friends.