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More than 145 county employees were recognized for their work and dedication Tuesday at the Calvert County Annual Employee Service Awards.

The employees were recognized for their years of service and the Employee of the Year recipient, Maureen Frederick, was announced.

Calvert County Service Award recipients

Five-year recipients

Raquel Bowlan

Alexandra Bynum

William Clark

Andrew Clas

Joseph D’Agostino

Ruby David Daniels

Jason Dean

Nicholas Defelice

Robert Denton

Megan D’Hondt

Donald Eversfield

Carolyn Ezerins

Isabelle Field-Wilcoxon

Mark Fitzgerald

Nola Formy-Duval

Jay Haines

Amanda Halwick

Justin Harrington

Ricardo Hawkins

Patricia Helms

John Hotchkiss

Robert Jaensch

Craig Johnson

Breann Kohlieber

Rosco Kreps III

Steven Kullen

Shannon Latimer

Elizabeth Leclair

Robert Lee Jr.

Timothy Lewis

Gene Libby

Justin Livingston

Frances Longwell

Jason Lord

Christopher McDonough

Ryan McGaffin

Amanda Mills

Seth Mitchell

James Morgan

Michael Mudd

Alan Myers

Sherrie Myers

Rose Naughton

William Nix

James Norton

Jonathan Parsons

Andrew Rappaport

Jennifer Rawlings

Lisa Ridge

Eugene Ridgeway

Heather Roe

Tonya Russell

Robert Scott

Kathryn Shannon

Frederick Scheckles Jr.

Gypsy Stephenson

Theodore Wood III

Andrew Woodford

Elizabeth Youngblood

10-year recipients

Jennifer Bailey

Robert Boteler III

William Bowen

Steven Brooks Sr.

Garfield Butler Jr.

Laura Cole

Beverly Davis

Jeffrei Dunagan

Phillip Freeland

James Flynt

Richard Gordy

Thomas Gross Jr.

Alisa Hall

Floyd Harley

Travis Harrod

Timothy Hayden

Elaine Holland

Keith Holland

Mary Johnson

Harry Markward

John McCarroll

Kathryn McDonald

James Mulligan

Robin Munnikhuysen

Wilson Parran Jr.

Victoria Peake

Dianne Phelps

Sheila Pilling

James Richardson

Robert Selkirk

Lea Ann Smiley

Josh Stinnett

David Stonestreet

Sheila Taylor

Robert Thomas

Leah Townsend

Collette Traas

John Turner

Eddie Vanover Jr.

Jan Veeder

Joseph Wade II

Richard Wilson

Paul Wood

15-year recipients

James Edwards

Karen Evans

Kimberly Gott

Kenneth Gregory

Dianne Griner Jeanine Howard

Roscoe Jones IV

Melissa McCormick

Timothy Pyles

Harold Roy Jr.

Christopher Slone

Patrick Zinn

20-year recipients

Charlotte Destephano

William Harris

William Hatfield Jr.

Walter Jackson Jr.

Joan Jaquette

Matthew McDonough

Robert Rawlings

Deborah Shirley

Shirley Steffey

Tunya Taylor

Barbara Warner

25-year recipients

Violet Brooks

Andrew Brown III

Roger Buck

Patricia Chew

James Cross

Barbara Gross

Linda Hofmann

Nevelin Mackall

Melissa Miller

Deborah Root

Terry Shannon

Oliver Smith

Rebecca Wathen

James Wood Jr.

Genevieve Zentgraft

30-year recipients

Roberta Baker

Clarice Fletcher

Victor Freeland

Richard Robinson

Joseph Sutton Jr.

Jackie Vaughan

35-year recipient

Francis Jones

“It’s a huge honor,” Frederick said of being selected “from so many great employees.”

Frederick was awarded Employee of the Month last April for her work as interim clerk to the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners when her supervisor, who normally held that position, was on extended leave.

“She basically filled in for her supervisor for about 16 weeks,” said Mark Willis, a member of the Employee Recognition Committee who presented the award. “She did it in such a fashion that the board was impressed and her supervisor was impressed.”

Frederick began working for the county in 2009 as a temporary employee and was hired permanently in August 2009 in the BOCC office. Frederick was appointed clerk to the BOCC on Jan. 3, to replace Corinne Cook, who served in the position for seven years. Prior to her work at the county, she held other administrative positions and served in the U.S. Army.

Frederick’s primary responsibility as clerk to the BOCC is to coordinate the commissioners’ agenda, acting as liaison with county department heads and outside agencies to schedule business items and presentations to the board. She also is in charge of maintaining official records.

Willis described Frederick as dedicated, enthusiastic, responsible and a team player.

“So, Maureen is standing here as Employee of the Year because of her dedication to doing her job and the job that we require all of our employees to do, and that is, when necessary, go above and beyond,” he said.

Of the 147 county employees recognized for their years of service with county government, 59 were five-year award recipients; 43 were 10-year award recipients; 12 were 15-year award recipients; 11 were 20-year award recipients; 15 were 25-year award recipients; six were 30-year award recipients; and there was one 35-year award recipient: Francis Jones.

Willis explained that Jones was hired in a way that would make today’s personnel department “cringe.”

“Francis was hired by Mr. Gorman Buckler … who wanted another laborer worker to work at the Barstow Landfill, so what he did was, he sent Mr. Clarence Hall by Francis’ house and asked him if he wanted to work at the landfill. And Francis said, ‘Well, sure. Yeah,’ So, he said Francis could start tomorrow and that’s what happened,” Willis said.

Jones was hired in August 1977 as a laborer working landfill maintenance. Today, he serves as the operations supervisor for the solid waste division.

“Thinking back 35 years ago, it was a long road, a very long road. I want to thank the county for allowing me to participate and work with the county for so many years, and hopefully, I’ll get another 10 or 20 more years in,” Jones said, laughing.

Jones said Wednesday that in his years of working with the county, one the biggest changes he’s seen is transporting the trash out of the county rather than burying it. The other thing he said that has changed during his time has been the creation of a recycling program with the county.

“I was the 180th person to work for the county. There are over 5,000 employees there now,” Jones said during a phone interview Wednesday. “There’s been a lot of people that have come and gone.”