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During the last regular season meet against Patuxent, the girls finished out the season strong with a win.

Although the boys lost, they finished out the season strong with best personal times.

The team supported all of the seniors in their last regular season meet.

It was bittersweet watching them during the senior night celebration; they will all be missed.

As the regular season comes to an end, it is time to get focused for SMAC, regionals and states. All of the hard work our team has put into this season comes down to these major meets. We really believe we can compete very well in Saturday’s SMAC meet.

Every team only has two entries per event, so this all comes down to talent. We have strong swimmers in all the events, and we know our team will bring their all as always.

Some of our toughest competition will be at this meet, which we are all well aware of.

Our team has to remember to stay in the right mindset and that everyone has worked hard all season for this.

Our girls medley relay is also hoping to have a strong finish against our competitors. All of the races will be close, and nothing is guaranteed.

Everyone has been working on certain aspects of their races this week in practice, which hopefully will pay off.

No matter what, the season has been great because of the spirit and friendship we have developed on our team.

Amber Sandy and Taylor Stark

Thomas Stone juniors