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The anticipation for the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference championship meet has slowly swept across the Leonardtown High School boys and girls teams.

We are nervous, but we are ready.

This is what it all comes down to, when our hard work is put to the test and the pressure is on.

Our coach has always told us that as Leonardtown High School swimmers, a target is constantly on our back. Everyone is trying to beat us and rightfully so.

The girls have worked hard to have 109 consecutive wins, and everyone in the SMAC would love to break our streak.

Truth is, we will not go down without a fight.

A lot of things are dependent on this SMAC championship victory, like keeping the girls winning streak alive and helping the boys maintain their record. We take this meet seriously, but we also want to have fun.

This year, the meet will be held at the St. Mary’s College of Maryland pool [scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday], which is extremely nice considering we are familiar with the surroundings and its right around the corner. It will be so nice to be able to sleep in and gain that extra edge when it comes to game day.

Each year, the hosting high school designs the SMAC logo for the meet apparel, so I am also looking forward to adding my fourth and final SMAC T-shirt to my collection.

SMAC is also a great chance to catch up with friends from other schools. As a team, it is really awesome to hang out with our friends from other schools in the district and make new friends from the tri-county area.

SMAC is not all about competing or winning; it is more about coming together as a team and working hard to achieve our goals, both mentally and physically.

Even though I will not be swimming this year, I will definitely be on hand to support my teammates in whatever way possible. Whether that means last-minute pep talks, water bottle refills or borrowed goggles, I will be on sidelines ready to sprint, and not swim, into action.

Our team dynamic is so different, but we are so close that no matter what the outcome of Saturday’s meet, I know that we will still be the greatest team in the SMAC. Not because we win but because we stick together, persevere and always have each other’s back.

Let’s get’em guys!

Alex Theriot

Leonardtown senior