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Editor’s Note: This Athlete Diary was written before Huntingtown’s 54-37 loss to Leonardtown on Monday and Wednesday’s 54-37 victory over Thomas Stone.

This week was a very successful week for us even though we were without our head coach, Felicia Hall.

We executed on both ends of the court. We wanted to prove we can do anything no matter what the circumstance may be.

We pulled through with a win against Lackey last Wednesday. The win against Lackey was definitely a turning point for the week. The win was what we needed for our morale.

We played Hurricanes basketball the entire time. This game changed us.

From this game, we believed and had confidence in our teammates. We can actually play as a team. There were distractions, but we did not let it affect us. We were in a zone. The focus was to finally get a taste of a win.

We played Calvert last Friday. Calvert had just come off a tough loss against North Point. We knew it would be a tough game, but we wanted to make sure that we came out with intensity and aggressiveness.

We knew they wouldn’t expect it. One thing coach Hall has taught us this season is to never give up, no matter the situation, no matter the score. This ran through our minds as coach [Kim] Barnes prepared us during our pregame meeting.

We play Leonardtown this Monday. Mondays typically are tough nights to play. It’s hard to come out because it’s the beginning of the week and you are not in the swing of your weekly routine. Leonardtown has a very athletic team. They are always very aggressive and fundamentally sound.

Even though we don’t have school on Wednesday, we still have a game at home against Thomas Stone.

This will be our second match-up. The last time we played them it was a really close game, turnovers and not making our free throws killed us. Since our first match-up, we have had some changes to our team.

Our goal for this week is to continue to get better during every practice and every game. We have worked so hard since the beginning of the season when we first played Thomas Stone.

All of our hard work has paid off, we will not give up. We are going to continue to play with heart and finish out the season strong. I have not been any more proud of this team. We are playing as a team, we will win as a team.

Let’s Go ‘Canes! Thank you to all of our fans who never give up supporting us.

Glad you are back coach Hall. We missed you and love you.

Amanda Johnson

Huntingtown senior