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I think we all agree that the Calvert County commissioners strive to provide fair, effective and transparent government. However, sometimes it appears that a blind eye is turned toward the quality of services that county employees and systems provide to Calvert County residents.

For nine months, I’ve been trying to get a permit mistake corrected — a mistake made by the county. When I could not get satisfaction and accurate answers from Department of Community Planning and Building personnel, I turned to the commissioners. One commissioner in particular has been very helpful, meeting with me to discuss the problem and acting as a personal liaison. The problem, though, seems irreparable without the commissioners fully intervening.

County employees have provided misinformation, sometimes designed, it seems, to cover their errors. In addition, I learned that the county’s permit tracking system will not allow searches for permits of construction of a particular type. Thus, it becomes very time consuming to try to see if this problem permit was handled like similar construction.

When faced with all of the errors and false statements by county employees in black and white, one of the commissioners suggested that I contact an attorney. The solution is not lawsuits. The solution is to reprimand employees who mislead the public, and to fix antiquated systems so that transparency and fairness can be maintained.

John Turner, Lusby