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I found it interesting that David Hancock Jr. chose to mention Charles County Commissioner Ken Robinson’s Facebook page in a recent letter to the editor [“Commissioner is not doing the farmers any favors,” Maryland Independent, Feb. 1].

As many citizens are no doubt aware, Mr. Robinson on Facebook provides what has to be the best 24/7 town hall meeting imaginable. His posts are informative, engaging, humorous and, at times, controversial.

In fact, I don’t always agree with him. But he is responsive, polite and incredibly patient with those who post on his threads.

Your newspaper referred to Commissioner Robinson as a “weather enthusiast.” Nothing could be more appropriate. During weather emergencies, he provides the best weather updates you will find anywhere via Facebook.

For the record, I am still scratching my head on why Mr. Hancock thinks Commissioner Robinson’s letter regarding farming and agriculture was derogatory.

I saw it only as being complimentary and supportive of agriculture in Charles County.

Maury Tobin, Port Tobacco