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A Calvert Memorial Hospital doctor was charged with second-degree assault after a hospital technician accused him of grabbing her by the neck and dragging her down the hall.

On Jan. 19, a CMH technician filed a peace order in Calvert County District Court alleging Dr. Peter Mamalakis, 43, of Sunderland had threatened her and “violently grabbed me by the back of my neck dragging [sic] me down the hallway,” according to court documents. A final court order was issued Jan. 28, ordering Mamalakis to not threaten or contact the technician in any way.

A criminal summons was issued Feb. 5 charging Mamalakis with second-degree assault. According to charging documents, Calvert County Sheriff’s Office deputies were contacted Jan. 18 by the CMH technician alleging she had been assaulted by Mamalakis.

The technician said she had conducted a patient examination and notified Mamalakis so that he could read the report, charging documents state. She returned the patient to the emergency room and, as she returned to her department, Mamalakis allegedly stopped her and said “in a hostile manner” he needed to speak with her.

Charging documents allege Mamalakis began yelling at, insulting and threatening the technician. Mamalakis “began screaming at her telling her that she was not good enough” and said she was incompetent, according to charging documents. Mamalakis then allegedly grabbed the back of her neck and “forcefully pulled her down the hallway,” deputies said, where he continued to berate and threaten her.

Deputies reviewed surveillance video from the hospital, which showed Mamalakis with his left hand around the technician’s neck. According to charging documents, “With force he was directing her down a hallway around the corner.” They approached a door, charging documents state, and Mamalakis removed his hand from her neck. Deputies said the door opened and both individuals walked through.

Mamalakis filed an appeal of the peace order in Calvert County Circuit Court on Feb. 6.

CMH public relations director Kasia Sweeney said the hospital is aware that charges were recently filed against Mamalakis, a contracted radiologist who worked in CMH’s radiology department until Jan. 18, at which time he was suspended from hospital medical staff and placed on administrative leave from his employer, American Radiology Associates.

“I can assure you that our hospital and medical staff leaders are highly committed to thoroughly investigating and acting upon any issues which can impact the health and safety of our patients, employees and our community,” Sweeney said.