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I am writing this to let the voters know and try to get the answers that prosecutor Richard Fritz will not tell a victim’s family. When a person is tried and convicted in St. Mary’s County, the prosecutor can overrule the jury and the court and let the convicted person go free so he doesn’t have to deal with the appeals. He doesn’t have to explain to anybody or answer to anybody; he is above the justice system.

The case I’m referring to convicted Joanna Joyce Findlay. Because of the weak case the prosecutor put on as he didn’t want to handle the case in the first place, she was convicted of attempted second-degree murder and a handgun offense.

Joanna Joyce Findlay was sentenced by Judge Karen Abrams to five years suspended for attempted murder and five years mandatory for the gun conviction. After eight months of appeals, Fritz decides to overturn her conviction (on his own) for the gun conviction and let her go free. He claims he has the power to do this; no complaints from the court or defense, of course.

I have sent emails and Fritz will not respond; he wants the case to disappear. The convict’s family was allowed to enter the crime scene and take whatever they wanted before the evidence was all collected. The victim’s family got nothing of the murdered victim’s life in Maryland. Any life insurance policy and his military retirement should be going to his son, where it belongs.

I have asked for the family to be paid what is owed by the convict. All the right paperwork was filed against the estate for what was owed to the family. I also asked Fritz to pay this amount as he seems to care more for the convicts than the victims.

I have wasted enough money on lawyers in Maryland who don’t do anything but still want more money. So I write this to see if the citizens of Maryland and the United States will step up and get the real answers from your prosecutor and judges. If you feel Fritz is justified in his actions, remember she will be free and you can be the next victim’s family.

My family believes in legal gun ownership and now I believe there is no law against anybody owning a gun. Obama’s new gun laws are going to mean nothing with this power of the prosecutors. Mandatory sentencing means nothing as any prosecutor can overturn and get rid of any charge or conviction they want for any reason.

Greg Trogdon, Ozark, Mo.

The writer is a brother of Gary Alan Trogdon, who died in October 2010 from a gunshot wound at his Hollywood home.