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On Feb. 12, the Charles County commissioners considered four pending developer rights and responsibilities agreements that allowed school allocations to be issued to the developers proffering the agreements.

The information provided by staff used “local core capacity” as the measurement to determine school seat availability. Unfortunately, I did not realize that staff recommendations were based on “local core capacity” rather than the much more restrictive “state-rated capacity.” Subsequent to the meeting, I reviewed the board-approved Resolution 2012-23 dated May 1, 2012, which held that “the Regulations be amended to change the measurement of school capacity from ‘local core capacity’ to ‘state rated capacity’ used in the determination of available capacity to allocate in each school facility.”

In light of my review of the resolution, I shall take steps to move for reconsideration of this matter at our next commissioners’ meeting Feb. 26, and will request guidance from the county attorney.

To our citizens, members of the board of education and, most importantly, parents and students who were recently redistricted, had I realized the projected school allocations were inconsistent with the previously referenced resolution, my vote would have been to deny the DRRAs. In addition, I urge county staff to move the work of the school adequate public facilities program and funding review committee forward with haste so that developers, the board of education and parents will have confidence in the school allocation process and assurances that when children arrive for school, there will be seats available.

Candice Quinn Kelly, La Plata

The writer is the president of the Charles County commissioners.