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One of St. Mary’s County Commissioner Todd Morgan’s traffic concerns is the safety on St. Andrew’s Church Road, for vehicles making a left turn to the trash and recycling center in California.

The Maryland State Highway Administration looked into the matter and reported back to the St. Mary’s commissioners last week. But the agency reviewed the wrong section of the state road.

Morgan’s concern is for those making a left turn onto Old St. Andrew’s Church Road, where Route 4 bends to the right with a slumping shoulder that drivers use to get around those turning left. Maryland SHA reviewed a straight section of Route 4 at the intersection of the road to the St. Andrew’s Landfill. The distance between the two intersections is almost a half-mile.

Asked about the matter Tuesday, Morgan (R) checked with the state. “State highway looked at the wrong place,” Morgan reported back. “The concern I’ve had all along was the turn into the transfer station.”

There are skid marks on Route 4 at Old St. Andrew’s Road where drivers slam on their brakes, he said, to avoid hitting left-turning vehicles.

“They’ll go back and do the study,” Morgan said, which should take another 30 days. “People make mistakes. We need to make sure to rectify the mistake quickly.”

The state’s traffic data on Route 4 in 2011 was a daily average of 17,340 vehicles between Route 235 and Indian Bridge Road. Data from 2012 should be updated next month.

In reviewing the intersection on Route 4 to the St. Andrew’s Landfill, Maryland SHA said, “Review of crash data for the most recent 3-year period did not reveal an identifiable crash pattern. As a result, we are unable to comply with your request for ‘Watch for Left-turning Vehicles’ warning signs at the intersection of MD 4 and St. Andrew’s Landfill.”

The Feb. 8 letter from Lee Starkloff, district engineer with SHA, said maintenance crews would trim vegetation blocking the guide sign for the landfill and refresh pavement markings in the area.