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LANDOVER — Lackey head indoor track and field coach Katie Schubbe mentioned that the level of maturity and growth on the track has been the difference in senior sprinter and hurdler Alexis Murry’s success this winter.

Murry took things to an even higher level on Monday at the Class 2A state indoor track and field championships at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex by collecting two gold medals in her three individual events.

Class 2A state indoor track and field championships results

Events where SMAC participants placed listed only


1. Century 84, T-7. Lackey 24, 22. Patuxent 6, 29. Calvert 2, 32. McDonough 1

55: 1. Griggs (GP) 6.42, 3. Jenkins (L) 6.64, 6. Kamara (P) 6.68

300: 1. Preston (Lar) 35.49, 5. Howell (L) 36.56, 8. Whitfield (L) 36.87, 9. Jenkins (L) 37.33

500: 1. Preston (Lar) 1:06.62, 8. Beatty (McD) 1:09.83, 10. Walker-Hayes (L) 1:10.06, 12. Howell (L) 1:13.87

1,600: 1. Green (D) 4:27.53, 11. Herzog (P) 4:49.15

3,200: 1. Weaverling (Po) 9:46.81, 8. Herzog (P) 10.29.91. 9. Blankenship (C) 10:37.54

800R: 1. Long Reach (Oyewole, Carter, Thomas, Crandell, 1:32.08), 2. Lackey (Ca. Whitfield, Cal. Whitfield, Howell, Jenkins, 1:32.68)

1,600R: 1. Douglass (Harrison, Williams, Green, Gomez, 3:29.98), 5. Lackey (Walker-Hayes, Jenkins, Cal. Whitfield, Howell, 3:40.65), 7. Patuxent (Ridenour, Blonshine, Mazur, Foltz, 3:40.92)

3,200R: 1. Liberty (Carroll, B. Sussman, C. Sussman, Hawkins, 8:15.57), 10. Lackey (Mayo, Allen, Walker-Hayes, Williams, 9:02.17)

SP: 1. Poole (OW) 48-2, 7. White (C) 42-0 1/2, 8. Jackson (L) 39-11 1/2, 10. Douglas (P) 39-1 1/2


1. Largo 59, 4. Lackey 40, T-10. Calvert 16, 23. McDonough 5, 25. Patuxent 3

55: 1. Murry (L) 7.28

300: 1. Murry (L) 41.05

500: 1. Farrar (Lar) 1:16.41, 7. Strickland (L) 1:23.06, 8. Tyree (L) 1:23.33, 10. McGuigan (P) 1:26.05

800: 1. Wolfe (M) 2:21.48, 2. Porter (C) 2:21.79, 14. Strickland (L) 2:49.92

1,600: 1. Nardone (G) 5:09.75, 5. Aris (C) 5:32.85, 10. R. Herzog (P) 5:40.89

3,200: 1. Nardone (G) 11:19.54, 6. Mattson (C) 12:00.91, 8. E. Hite (C) 12:03.88, 16. Aris (C) 12:53.69

55H: 1. Lorick (D) 8.27, 3. Murry (L) 8.67

800R: 1. Largo (Nworkie, Farrar, Sweeny, Coleman, 1:46.39) 4. Lackey (Allen, Brown, Ester, Tyree 1:50.63), 6. Patuxent (Fenwick, Ludke, McGuigan, Erwin, 1:52.30)

1,600R: 1. Largo (Nworkie, Farrar, Sweeny, Coleman 4:06.74), 4. Lackey (Strickland, Mcniell-Bailey, Murry, Tyree 4:17.85), 10. Patuxent (McCoy, Erwin, McGuigan, Ludke, 4:35.15)

3,200R: 1. Liberty (Arndt, Tokar, Zietowski, Rinehart, 9:48.98), 9. Calvert (Mattson, Porter, Sbrocco, Hite, 10:47.16)

HJ: 1. Woollen (F) 5-4. 4. Hutchinson (McD) 5-0

SP: 1. Mounts (W) 39-4, 8. Conyers (L) 33-0 3/4, 10. Williford (P) 31-4 1/2

Lackey, as a team, took fourth in the girls competition with 40 points, with Largo of Prince George’s County winning the meet with 59. Calvert tied for 10th with Century of Carroll County with 16 points, while McDonough placed 23rd with five points and Patuxent finished 25th with three points.

Century claimed the state title for the boys with 84 points. Lackey finished tied for seventh with Oakdale of Frederick County with 24 points. Patuxent was 22nd, Calvert was 29th and McDonough was 32nd.

Murry pushed to her first-ever individual state indoor title in the 300-meter dash in 41.05 seconds, then took third in the 55 hurdles in 8.67 seconds.

She collected another gold medal in the 55 dash, coming across the finish line in 7.28 seconds.

Following a productive state showing in the final indoor meet of her career, Murry was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

“Overall, it was a good day, this proves that I’ve grown a lot,” said Murry, who was also the first leg on the 1,600 relay team that took fourth in 4 minutes 17.85 seconds. “Usually when I lost a race, I would get down on myself, but after I got third in the hurdles [today], I came back to win the 55. I felt great about my performance.”

Schubbe noted that all the hard work and dedication had finally paid off.

“It’s hard to win one event at states, but to come here and win two and place in the top three in another event, speaks of her heart and talent,” an elated Schubbe said. “She had an amazing performance today. The 7.28 seconds was her best time of the season, so I’m so proud that she was able to peak.”

Just moments after crossing the finish line in the 300, Murry said that she was very comfortable from start to finish.

“In the 300, I qualified in that event all four years, so I’m glad that I was able to finally pull through and win it,” Murry said. “I didn’t panic like I usually do and I got the monkey off my back. The hours of training helped me and I was motivated this season. Now I’m going to prepare for the outdoor season.”

Right after the 55 hurdles, Murry had to turn around and run the 55 dash, which can be difficult to do with little rest.

“In practice, we’ve been working on short rests, so that she can recover quickly in between events,” Schubbe said. “We duplicate those workouts into her race and that’s how she’s able to have the endurance and strength to continue.”

For Calvert, freshman Liane Porter took second in her first-ever state showing in the 800, finishing in 2:21.79.

Porter had the lead with about 60 meters to go, but Middletown junior Zoe Wolfe just came back to win the event in 2:21.48.

“I was dying toward the end,” said Porter, who was exhausted after the race. “This was my first time doing indoor and I love running track. My teammates and coaches made it easy for me, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

Porter added, “I came out not knowing what to expect in indoor track. But it feels great that I can have three more years to be here at the state level.”

Also for the Cavaliers, juniors Hannah Aris and Courtney Mattson took fifth and sixth in the 1,600 and 3,200, respectively.

McDonough senior Jhanell Hutchinson finished fourth in the state in the high jump, clearing the bar with a jump of 5 feet even.

In boys, Lackey senior Markael Jenkins took third in the 55 dash in 6.64 seconds, and junior teammate Deyvon Howell was fifth in the 300 in 36.56. Lackey earned second in the 800 relay (1:32.68) and fifth in the 1,600 relay (3:40.46).

“In the [800 relay], I thought we would have performed better, but we got second in the state,” said Jenkins, who was the second leg on the 1,600 relay. “After I got third in the 55, I was a little down; I thought I could win that.”

Patuxent sophomore Trent Herzog finished 11th in the 1,600 (4:49.15) and eighth in the 3,200 (10:29.91). He said he had fun in his first-year of running indoor track.

“I was really nervous,” Herzog said after the 1,600. “I had some butterflies. I got caught up at the beginning and that kind of threw my stride off. The races are a lot faster here at states.”

Patuxent senior Ishmael Kamara took sixth in the 55 dash (6.68) and McDonough’s Chauncey Beatty took eighth in the 500 (1:09.83).