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Once again, we see one-party rule rear its partisan head in local politics. Senate Bill 729, sponsored by Calvert County Sen. Roy P. Dyson (D-Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s) and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert, Prince George’s), seeks to change the way Calvert County residents would elect their five county commissioners.

I have no hesitation in stating that what we are seeing here is our Democrat Party, once again, seeking to strip us of our rights to dictate local policy. Time after time, we see proposed or passed legislation that gives us the clear impression that they do not believe we are capable of making the best and appropriate decisions concerning those issues that directly impact our way of life. Such a move might cause our local elections to be more politically partisan in nature instead of focusing on local issues.

Are there not more pressing issues the state of Maryland is facing?

The outright blatant bullying coming from the state level must end. This bill is a clear slap in the face of Calvert County, and I vehemently oppose such action by our state senators. The state continues to treat its counties and its citizens as second rate, using us as punching bags and funding sources for their agendas and projects.

I urge you to contact your senators and delegates and voice your opposition to this outright bullying act:

• You may reach Sen. Miller at or 410-841-3700;

• You may reach Sen. Dyson at or 410-841-3673;

• You may reach Del. Anthony O’Donnell (R-Calvert, St. Mary’s) at or 410-841-3314;

• You may reach Del. Mark Fisher (R-Calvert) at or 410-841-3231;

• You may reach Del. Joseph Vallario Jr. (D-Calvert, Prince George’s) at or 410-841-3488;

• You may reach Del. James Proctor Jr. (D-Calvert, Prince George’s) at or 410-841-3083.

The bill will be heard March 7 at 1 p.m. in the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. Sen. Dyson is the vice chairman of this committee. If you wish to submit written testimony opposing this bill, you may email it to me at, and I will hand deliver it to the committee.

Preston Pratt, Lusby