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The proprietor of a Hollywood bar was charged Friday with unlawfully operating a slot machine at the business last year, in court papers stating law officers seized electronic gaming equipment there after twice visiting the business.

Patrick E. Dugan also was charged with illegally having the machine at Toot’s Bar, off Mervell Dean Road in the Sandy Bottom community, for the purpose of gambling, through the investigation by detective Lt. John Payne of the St. Mary’s sheriff’s vice-narcotics division.

Machines at the bar operated as slot machines by allowing players to insert money and win or lose money depending on the size of their bet “combined with the random function of the machines,” Payne wrote in a charges application.

Dugan admitted obtaining the machines about a year ago, the charging papers state, and he told police that he was donating a portion of the money to a local church.

A conviction for the misdemeanor slot-machine operating and gambling offenses each carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.