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St. Mary’s sheriff’s deputies report that a man convicted of vehicular manslaughter in a 2010 collision was put back in the county jail on Monday, after the state parole commission sought to end a release granted last fall so he could receive medical care for a leg injury.

The father of a pedestrian killed on the exit road of a St. Mary’s raceway, and a prosecutor who handled the ensuing trial, had objected to the state parole commission’s earlier decision to parole the inmate and put him on home detention.

Jarron Alonzo Jennings, now 22, was sentenced in August to 10 years in prison, suspended to 18 months in jail. Jennings’ lawyer filed a motion later that month asking that his client be released from jail for emergency knee surgery, and then be placed on home detention.

The case’s prosecutor disagreed, and the trial judge denied the defense lawyer’s request, but the county’s circuit court was notified in November by a home monitoring service that as of late October, Jennings had begun five months of home detention.

The prosecutor said the decision to release Jennings was made during a parole commission hearing at the jail, where neither she nor the victim’s family had an opportunity to attend or participate. The parole commission’s chairman said that the agency had not received victim notification information in Jennings’ case, and a dispute ensued between the state’s attorney’s office and sheriff’s office over whether the jail had court copies of the case’s victim notification requests.

On Monday, the sheriff’s office reported that Jennings’ parole agent affirmed that when Jennings was freed last fall, “he was released with the understanding that during his surgery [and] recovery, he would be incapacitated and unable to be a danger to himself or others. On January 31, 2013, Mr. Jennings was cleared by his physician and no longer required physical therapy. Mr. Jennings will meet with his physician in a year. Since Mr. Jennings is no longer incapacitated medically, Mr. Jennings has the potential to be a danger.”

St. Mary’s grand jurors indicted Jennings, a resident of Glenn Dale in Prince George’s County, after Maryland State Police determined that he was leaving Maryland International Raceway on the night of Oct. 22, 2010, when the 2001 Chevrolet Impala he was driving struck 20-year-old Richard Arland Jackson of Bowie. Jackson had gotten out of his car while leaving the race track, police report, possibly because of problems with his vehicle.

Gary Scales, Jackson’s father, said Monday that the family had been working with The Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center and the office of state Gov. Martin O’Malley, including on the issue of why Jennings should remain free.

“I knew that question was raised,” Scales said.

Kevin McCants, Jennings’ lawyer, said Monday that he will seek a court hearing this week to have his client again released from custody.

“It appears that he may have to finish out his sentence,” McCants said. “Hopefully, [that decision] will not stand.”