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Here we go again. The Maryland General Assembly came in session, and under the leadership of Martin O’Malley and Mike Miller, they once again are proposing raising taxes in Maryland.

Maryland Senate President Miller is proposing a transportation bill that would raise the Maryland gas tax, a substantial increase, even though gas prices have risen nearly 40 percent a gallon in the past month.

The legislators have raided the transportation fund for other interests so that now they need to once again dig into the pockets of the middle class and the poor. Our elected officials appear to disregard the difficulty the average person has to meet their budget requirements, and our governor appears to have interests in other activities. The governor just sees raising taxes (he is exploring raising Maryland’s sales tax, again) and pursuing legislation to take away constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

He should consider the experts’ predictions of substantial price increases in oil and price increases in food (beef is expected to rise 10 percent by the summer).

Maryland has a lot to offer, such as the ocean, the Chesapeake Bay and the mountains, but “The Boys of Annapolis” seem to make life less desirable in Maryland.

I sincerely hope the voters in our state will remember who really has their interests at heart.

Steven Rye, Hughesville