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I can’t believe that our government cannot budget the funding for its employees but can fund green programs that frequently go bankrupt and could provide no return on investment.

I worked for the federal government for 38 years, and my first responsibility was to take care of my most valuable resource, the hard working civil servants that protect America.

Any manager that is worth his salt will protect the payroll of its employees or the system will fail and the security of our country will be jeopardized. If the elected officials cannot protect its workforce, how can they protect our country? Again, the federal civil servants are threatened with job layoffs and will become the scapegoat by bearing the brunt of the inadequacies of the top federal government officials who cannot manage the federal budget.

If we were a business, we would already be bankrupt.

The federal employees union has no teeth and will not influence the decision no matter what they say. I went through this exercise of threatening the workforce during the President Clinton era. We were threatened with not funding the government payroll a number of times, but somehow they always seemed to come up with the funds to avert a shutdown.

Since I retired, I have seen the same thing happen in Maryland, when Gov. Martin O’Malley could not come up with the funding to pay his civil servants and furloughed them until he recouped his losses. The employees have no recourse but to remember what happened to them the next time they go to the voting booth.

I urge the governors and the president to start managing the programs that can be reduced or delayed until the next fiscal or out years and quit using threats aimed at loyal government employees, military personnel and Americans.

Federal gridlock is not caused by the American people. It’s caused by the officials that we elected to manage the country for us at both the federal and state levels.

William R. Woodall, Waldorf