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A steady flow of people waited in line at Studio Mirage hair salon in Waldorf on Tuesday night to support a good cause.

Local firefighters and police officers came out to “Shave for the Brave,” to show support for 5-year-old cancer patient Adam Lumpkins by getting their heads shaved. A few women did the same.

Lindsey Larsen, 22, and Heather McAllister, 32, met Adam’s mother through her EMS work. It was the first time either of them had shaved their heads or cut their hair so short.

Larsen, who is a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, saved 10 inches of her cut-off locks before having her head shaved.

“It’s nothing compared to what [Adam] has gone through,” Larsen said.

McAllister had four inches of her hair cut off.

“It was definitely fun. It was definitely worth it,” she said.

In 2008, Adam was diagnosed with leukemia. He had chemotherapy and some setbacks but was in remission for a time, according to earlier reports in the Maryland Independent.

In November, headaches sent him back to his doctors, who discovered that the cancer was now in his cerebrospinal fluid and the lining of his brain.

A bone marrow drive was held and a donor found.

Some supporters got orange hair extensions Tuesday to show their support. Orange is the color for leukemia awareness.

Blue balloons decorated the salon because blue is Adam’s favorite color, family friend Liz Caswell said.

Adam was not able to attend because he is undergoing radiation treatment in Philadelphia and awaiting a bone marrow transplant planned for March 14.

Batman from Superheroes of Southern Maryland and Pinch, the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs mascot, also were present to cheer on the brave souls who got their heads shaved.

The idea for the event came from Caswell, who posted information about it on Facebook.

Studio Mirage stylist Melissa Lee responded and suggested the event be held at the hair salon in the Old Line Center.

Caswell said the event’s primary goal was to show support for Adam, and its secondary goal was to raise money for his treatment.

Chris and Jamie Lumpkins live in King George County, Va. Adam is the third of their four children.

“I wanted to do it because I thought it was for a good cause,” said Lee’s 10-year-old stepson, Brandon, who showed support by getting his head shaved.

Emily Harman of California and her husband, Tim Schul, heard about the event on Facebook and decided as a couple to get their heads shaved to show support.

“I thought if he’s 5 and brave enough to go through all this, we should be brave enough to get our heads shaved,” said Harman, who works at Patuxent River Naval Air Station and was to speak before 300 people the following morning.

Donations collected throughout the evening totaled $2,700, Caswell said. The Charles County Board of Education donated $765, which Charles County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. C.A. Rye said was collected within a week.

According to Lee, about 150 people got their heads shaved.

Donations for Adam should be sent to Adam Lumpkins Trust Fund, c/o Union First Market Bank, P.O. Box 446, Bowling Green, VA 22427. Well wishes for Adam may be emailed to