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During the last election cycle, we heard a great deal about how Rep. Steny Hoyer was the champion of Patuxent River Naval Air Station. He alone was responsible for its continued existence and success.

Calvin Brien’s Feb. 20 letter to the editor rings that same bell, but this time it falls strangely flat. As sequestration nears, and furloughs loom, Mr. Hoyer’s lack of leadership is amazingly evident. As the minority whip of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, you would think he would work harder to convince his party that the present debt crisis poses a great danger to our country’s security and economic well-being. Instead, he has been complicit with the actions of an administration that, during the past four years, has plunged the United States into a morass of red ink.

If Mr. Hoyer truly understood the dangers of our national debt and the looming sequestration, he would convince our president to cut spending and work with the Republican leadership to restore fiscal sanity to our country’s coffers.

Sadly, he has not done this. And even more sadly, the people of our country, as well as the residents of Southern Maryland, may soon pay a steep price for this dereliction of duty.

Mary Burke-Russell, Julie Burk Greer, Kevin Cioppa

Burke-Russell is chair, Greer is vice chair and Cioppa is involved in community outreach of the St. Mary’s County Republican Central Committee.