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I would like to pass on to other senior citizens and the public at large some of the things that are available to us as we get older.

First, there are your connections to your various churches for social involvement from time to time, and there are physical fitness programs that you can join that will keep you vital. Then, there are wonderful projects like Meals On Wheels that bring meals to your homes for a small donation.

The people who are involved are all volunteers, and these folks are wonderful. They are kind and friendly, they are considerate of your desire to eat, the food is good and plentiful, and you get a chance to meet people and socialize. I know that I am emotional, but these things happening make you feel like it is a wonderful world.

And I bet many of you are not aware of the Richard R. Clark Senior Center. It has shows, dancing, gym classes, a library lounge, different events and special affairs from time to time. I have been going there for at least five years or more and really enjoy every moment.

Look, folks, just because we are getting older, we do not have to stop being involved with our big outside world. Enjoy life, forget the daily pain in your back and neck and other parts, let our doctors worry about those things — God knows they get enough of your Medicare and other insurance monies to take care of you. I know we have a few hang-ups, but lean forward and enjoy life.

Lemon H. Moses Jr., Waldorf