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The Chesapeake Bay Running Club handed out its yearly awards at a breakfast held Jan. 12, including age group winners from the club’s Grand Prix series of races.

The club has members in Calvert and St. Mary’s counties.

Most improved runners: Dan Forster, Caitlyn Kogel

Runners of the Year: Dave Walser, Kathleen Hammett

Volunteers of the Year: Perry Rapp, Debbie Francisco, Charlene Staats

Female (0-19 age group): 1. Elizabeth Allison, 2. Rachel Herzog, 3. Casey Scheetz and Jessica Herzog

Female (20-29): 1. Caitlyn Kogel, 2. Christina Wood

Female (30-39): 1. Scottie Morris, 2. Kim Blodnikar, 3. Onya Barnes

Female (40-49): 1. Valinda Nwadike, 2. Crystal Rapp, 3. Kathleen Hammett and Charlene Staats

Female (50-59): 1. Jeanne Larrison, 2. Susan Allison and Linda Barr

Female (60-plus): 1. Tami Graf

Male (0-19): 1. Trent Herzog

Male (20-29): 1. David Raley

Male (30-39): 1. Greg Imhof, 2. Eric Gardner, 3. Jeff Lagana

Male (40-49): 1. Perry Rapp, 2. Neal Offenbacher, 3. Scott Herzog

Male (50-59): 1. Tom Burke, 2. Dave Walser, 3. Paul Serra

Male (60-plus): 1. George Sisson, 2. Gary Howard