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Thank you, Susan Craton and The Enterprise, for the Feb. 22 article “Jewel of St. Mary’s.”

What a wonderful accomplishment that Lisa and Harry Miller’s Kiarry Kennels in Mechanicsville won top honors at the world-famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. The winning breed was their American foxhound, Jewel.

So, what is the extra special St. Mary’s connection? Well, the American foxhound breed started here.

In 1650, Robert Brooke, coming from Whitchurch, England, disembarked on the Patuxent River shore at what is still called De La Brooke Manor. With him was his family and his pack of foxhounds. Subsequently, those Brooke hounds became the foundation stock of the American foxhound, and the many breeds that followed: Walkers, Julys, Triggs, Penn-Marydels, Birdsongs, etc.

American Foxhounds have been chasing foxes here ever since. Just ask the many farmers and mounted fox-chasers of the county who are still at it today.

Thank you, Lisa and Harry Miller, and your Kiarry Kennels for “bringing home” the award and the memory.

Dr. Eugene Guazzo, Chaptico